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Therapy vs Coaching

I do Therapy In Seattle and Coaching in Montana.


The difference in Therapy and Coaching.

I do a lot of skills building when I do therapy.  Coaching is a lot of looking forward, changing things now. Not spending a lot of time on the past.

So in Coaching I DON’T do trauma work. But we can probably work on the skills while you work with another therapist on the trauma work.

AMD insurance DOES NOT cover Coaching. I am a LICENSED therapist in WA state, but not Montana. That’s why I can do Therapy in Seattle and Coaching in MT. Insurance will cover therapy but not coaching.

I am only able to take a few people at this time. If you’re interested, just e-mail me.  We’ll have a shot phone chat to see if we are a good match. I get back to you usually the same day.