Empowering Women for 34 years.


Sue Bates, M.Ed.

Therapy or Coaching

I have done over 30,000 client hrs. in my years of work. (really, that’s not an exaggeration)

Sometimes clients need someone who can give them really good advise and education about what works well in life. Sometimes we just don’t have the information we need.

We ALL need someone on our side that is supportive and there for us! That can root for us while we are making changes in our lives. Give us encouragement when we are scared and Woo hoo’s when we get what we want and are proud of our accomplishment.

I don’t just sit and listen, I give you homework and a way to move forward in your life so you get different results.

I work with women around all their relationships…

Ok, the professional stuff.

I’m a licensed therapist in the State of Washington. I do therapy, coaching and education. I have a Masters degree in counseling, psychology from North Texas State University. I am trained in and work with Imago Relationship Therapy developed by Harvelle Hendrix. Oprah Winfrey has said he is her favorite couple’s therapist. I also use John Gottman’s research and the work of Michelle Weiner-Davis and Dr Pat Love and Terry Real. I use the approach that will work for YOU. Not just one. When I do coaching, instead of therapy, I still teach a lot of these methods for you to use…

During my career, I have worked in several settings, at the Swedish/Ballard Hospital in Seattle as a therapist in their eating disorder unit; taught eating disorders to masters level counseling students at Antioch University; Worked at a shelter for battered women and children; and at a mental health center in Denver working with children. I also worked in public schools as a therapist in a special education classroom.

I have learned through the years, everyone knows what they want and how they want to live; they just have beliefs and ideas about why they can’t or shouldn’t. For some, learning to develop the ability to listen to their intuition and follow through, while not listening to what others tell them they should be or do is key to their transformation. When you can trust your intuitions, you are better able to contribute to the world.

Sue Bates, M.Ed., LMHC

Contact me for a short, free phone consult: sue@suebates.com

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